The advantages of using a latex pillow

The advantages of using a latex pillow

As latex material is gaining worldwide popularity, its benefits have been applauded by sleep experts and health professionals. Latex is considered a sustainable, natural substance that comes from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. 

Natural latex pillows are environmentally friendly and produce only a small odor, which disappears over a short period of time. Synthetic latex, however, emits a stronger odor due to the petrochemicals that are added. Dream Logix products are made from natural latex, thus providing an eco-friendly and healthier option for your sleep. 

  1. Provides comfort and support 

Natural latex pillows provide head, neck and shoulder support for years without losing their shape. Latex is a bit less spongy than memory foam and springs back much faster, providing more support for your upper body. Its elastic properties allow latex pillows to flex throughout the night so your sleep is not disrupted when you change positions. Known for being impression-resistant, a latex pillow never needs to be fluffed and can last for years.

Latex pillows can mold themselves around your natural sleeping position, providing essential support to help you have a restful sleep. As they are denser than memory foam, down, and fiber pillows, they can withstand more use than other types of pillows. Latex pillows are also more firm than other pillows, but not so firm that optimal support of your head and neck area is decreased. 

  1. Produces less noise

Latex pillows don’t squeak or rustle when you move on them. As they produce less noise than normal cotton pillows, your ability to sleep without any distractions is increased when you rest your head on a latex pillow. And, for those who tend to breathe or snore loudly, the support of latex pillows can help keep your airways clear. This can reduce the chances of snoring or other breathing noises when you sleep. 

4. Maintains ideal body temperature

Natural latex can dissipate moisture and heat much better than other materials. When you sleep, your temperature can increase, leading to sweating or switching sleep positions throughout the night. Talalay latex pillows feature an open cell structure that allow ventilation and breathability. 

5. Hypoallergenic

Dunlop and Talalay latex materials are naturally hypoallergenic. This is due to the fact that the production process destroys the rubber protein that usually contains allergens. Dream Logix ensures that our products are hypoallergenic by taking the extra step of covering our latex materials with additional fabrics that further the hypoallergenic qualities of latex. However, for those with sensitive skin or severe allergies, it is always important to consult a physician before using latex products. 

6. Can alleviate pain and pressures as you sleep

As latex pillows provide unparalleled, soft support to your head, shoulders, neck and back, pain and pressures can be alleviated when using one. Other pillows are no match for a latex pillow as its natural filling ensures proper support and spinal alignment which can leave you feeling refreshed and energized upon waking.

7. Environmentally conscious and eco-friendly 

Natural latex pillows are considered environmentally friendly as their raw material is derived from the rubber tree. Manufacturing natural latex features a smaller carbon footprint while these types of pillows last much longer than other types. 

8. Durable and easily maintained 

Latex material is much more durable and longer lasting than its cheaper cotton counterparts. Unlike other bedding materials, latex pillows can hold their shape for at least five years or more, while other types of pillows typically need to be replaced every two years. 

Caring for latex material is very easy as it is already a naturally sterile material. When they do need to be cleaned, they should not be soaked in water but rather spot-cleaned with soap and water before being allowed to dry completely. 

Although natural latex pillows can be a bit more pricey upfront, their ability to last for years over traditional cotton pillows makes your investment worth it in the long run. With hypoallergenic benefits and unparalleled support, latex pillows can provide a wealth of benefits to your mind, body and sleep. It can be said that waking up feeling energized and refreshed has endless benefits to your health and daily activities.

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