Quality sleep is a key factor in both one's overall health and happiness.

Dream Logix is a New York-based company dedicated to incorporating a Healthy Sleep Solutions philosophy. We are developing natural, yet technologically advanced superior latex foam pillows, organic latex foam mattress toppers, premium blankets and more. We, at Dream Logix, believe that healthy sleeping is undoubtedly an integral part of our well-being.

Dream Logix products can help cope with many health issues such as reducing pain in the back, spine and neck while also reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Each product promotes deeper and healthier sleep. Our variety of products fits all kinds of bedding and all bed sizes. Back, stomach, and side sleepers can benefit immensely from our tailored products.

Our pillows come in soft, medium or firm support levels for personalization and comfort.  Our superior thin pillows are specially designed for kids and babies as well as those who sleep on their stomachs.

Dream Logix products feature natural cotton covers and pillowcases. Our pillows arrive in smart travel bags. This eco-friendly packaging makes it easy to bring your pillow with you wherever you may go.

Our natural latex pillows and mattress toppers can transform any mattress into an orthopedically sound bed to help you enter a deep sleep that leaves you refreshed in the morning. Dream Logix’s plush and supportive pillows will happily have you sleeping soundly, providing unparalleled, deep slumbers every night.

At Dream Logix, our clients' feedback guides our mission to offer outstanding sleep solutions. We develop our products to ensure that our team would also choose our own products for a healthy night's sleep. Our passion for quality fuses natural materials with cutting-edge technology to produce a product that we stand by and personally enjoy every night. Thank you for choosing Dream Logix as your dedicated sleep solutions provider. We take pride in perfecting a good night's sleep together with our clients.